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Friday, June 28, 2013

Storyville review

Its time for a review at DFC. Last week I went with my LO to Storyville . It is an interactive early learning centre attached to the Baltimore County Public Library at Rosedale and Woodlawn. I went to the Woodlawn branch. Wow what a place! If you have a kid between the age of birth to 5 and live any where close to this area its a must visit. Its FREE! Seriously I wish I became a kid again. I personally love designing for children. This place was like heaven for any child . I could so totally see both FABLE and Tink Tank in this space.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post my LO is in the phase of pretend play she totally had a ball. You could dress up as a doctor or a policeman. They had different spaces for a kitchen,washer room, construction area, grocery store, theatre. You name it they have it. They have developmental appropriate toys for age birth to 5 Everything to entertain your LO and keep them active. They also have an enclosed area where you could play with your little one who hasn't started walking yet.

I came back home telling my husband this is a kind of space I would like to design. I checked up online and figured out this place was designed by James Bradberry. Kudos to him and his team. They have done an amazing job.The staff at this place is very kind and helpful. They keep the place so clean considering there are over 50 kids buzzing around the place at a particular time.

The story time for babies was fun too. Very interactive with lots of props and music.
Over all a five star experience. I hope some of you get to enjoying this place with your kids.

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