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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday cakes

Have you ever met people and felt you have known them for years even though you have lived continents apart all your lives. This post is to Thank you C. We both have LO's around the same age. Totally different personalities but I enjoy seeing them interact and the way we  can see each of them grow and the things they are able to do never fails to amaze me. Would be lovely to see what they turn out to be when they grow up.

Sometimes friends do the sweetest thing for you. C ordered 2 cakes from me and I felt so excited and priveleged as I have never ever been asked to make a cake . So heres a big Thank you for encouraging me this way :)One is for her husband and one is for her MIL. I get excited to hear when someone else loves chocolate. I always want to give them the best chocolate cake ever. I got the best compliment ever when C's MIL,she told me that she loved the cake and would always end up taking two slices when she wanted to take one. I am glad they loved the cake as I totally loved making it for them.

I still need to figure out how to make cute curls for lil girls hair. The lil girl on top of the Nani cake is supposed to be C's LO but I have not been able to do justice to her adorable locks.Anyway adios till the next post. Yes I am trying to learn Spanish :)

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