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Monday, March 25, 2013

Drawers makeover

The drawers I painted for my LO's clothes . Who was to know she was going to have a wardrobe bigger than mine. Its very useful since its close to her changing tables. I have her wipes on the top drawer so I can easily reach to it. Plus when I have to tell my husband where to find her stuff I can easily say its in the owl drawer, the butterfly drawer or the birdie drawer. It brightens our room up.
Every furniture in our house has a story to stay. Guess that's what happens when you live a students life. We got this ikea drawers from a moving sale and  I think now it looks much better just because there is a lot of love that has gone into it :)

Bookshelf makeover

This is the first thing I made when I knew I was going to have a LO. I didn't know if she was a boy or girl. So I wanted something neutral. Nature is always neutral. So this was a book shelf we got free while buying a TV from a moving sale. It was quite a rickety rackety book shelf. I mean it was something really basic. I knew it had lot of potential. Perfect place to keep the babies toys where one could access it easily as it was all open. I first made an outline with pencil. Then drew over it with sharpies(permanent markers)Then painted it with acrylic paint. I wasn't sure how long it would last. But well its been more than a year and it still looks just the same. So guess it works.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is here

Spring themed blue bulletin board

Spring is here and soon all the flowers will be in bloom. The tree outside my house which looked as though it was dead throughout winter has beautiful pink flowers. The birds are chirping and the bunnies are out too. Though we are still in our winter attire. Waiting to take my LO out to the park soon. These are some of the bulletin boards I made in school. Our school has 4 communities and I was a part of the blue community. The top pic was a board to welcome the students of the blue community. Used a lot of different textures in the board. The blue and white grass was some scrap fabric in the art room. We used pipe cleaners, wool, paper and pompom balls. The pic below was a bulletin board in our classroom. It was so much fun doing these bulletin board . I got a lot of help executing it. I do miss it. And I do miss the students and staff. Learnt so much out there.

Spring themed bulletin board for school with colourful flowers and says watch us bloom

Saturday, March 23, 2013

100th Post:)

Like a rose
Trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all

Since we are approaching Passion week and its my 100th post. I felt this was an ideal post for me to post. I made this for my mother in laws friends who are sisters.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tissue flowers

These cute tissue flowers can make any face festive. You can make lil ones and make a bouquet out of it. Or you can make huge ones and decorate a whole room.They are so easy to make and super cheap too.Here is a very good tutorial for these flowers.

Felt accessories

I enjoy making these lil hair accessories with felt. There is so much you can do with felt.
This is me having a felt obsession. These can be put on hair bands, clothes, bags, photo frames. I feel just adding one lil flower can make anything look cute :)

Interchangeable flower cap

This is a cap I made with interchangeable flowers which can be worn with various outfits.
I hope my cute lil niece will look like a fashonista in these.The flowers are made with felt with hooks at the back to fix onto the cap. The flowers can be attached to bags and clothes etc.Choose a different colour everyday.

My daughters first card

This is my LO first card ever. It is for her dear cousin who was born on valentines day far away in Australia.Looking forward to making many more with her. Guess one day she will teach me how to make stuff.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 Foam has a lovely texture. These are some characters I made inspired by nature . These can be used as puppets or wall decorations instead of the expensive wall decals. Its vibrant colours can brighten up a plain white wall.I think I need to use  a sharp blade next time to get perfect edges. But then I like the handmade look about it.


I enjoy working with clay I feel its really therapeutic.I always dreamt of having a potters wheel a mini oven like the one they have in school and a workspace to myself . I am sure its going to be quiet a messy workspace. But then there is some order in the chaos.
I was so keen to learn pottery that I went to a potter in pottery town close to my house and asked him if he would teach me. He was so surprised coz I was using some kind of sign language to explain to him as i couldn't speak Kannada.He was an amazing teacher and of course an amazing potter.I think I made more than 100 vases, pen stands bowls etc. At one point my whole room was full of it. 
 These are just some of the pics of the stuff that i have made. I realized I must take more pics of the things I make . I have gifted lots of my pieces to some of my friends.These were made in the art room in school when I was pregnant. I have been told that children get influenced by the things the mother did while they were pregnant. If there is any truth in it i hope my LO enjoys the messiness and beauty of clay. I am imagining the problems of it already . I will have to wash those clothes she messes :)

All I learnt from Rio

This book is dedicated to my dog Rio. I love dogs and I feel they teach us so much. More than anything they teach us unconditional love.

Chocolate cupcake

This is a story book I wrote and illustrated for my adorable niece.Its strange that when she was born she had poker straight hair and now its really curly . When she reads the book now she doesn't associate herself to the character I have illustrated.She is two and a half now and she sure does love cupcakes. Though she loves pink cupcakes more than chocolate cupcakes. Would love to make some cupcakes for her someday. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Noah's Ark

This was my first collaborative work with my sister  Tusheeta David  and it was so much fun. She has illustrated this book while I have written the book. I love her illustration style.  This is a Bible story retold for children.

Halloween cupcakes

These were a set of Halloween cupcakes I made for this very sweet family who had 3 children 2 boys and a lil girl. It was Halloween time and their mother wasn't keeping too well . So I was hoping this would cheer them up a bit. These were chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow fondant and semi sweet chocolate morsels for the eye and I used twizzlers for the mouth and the veins on the eye.

Christmas cupcakes

I was wondering if I should put this pic up or not. Cupcakes I  was so proud of once upon a time and I now find it so kiddish. Am sure loads of kids can do a better job. But then this pic is to inspire many novices that this is how my first cupcake decoration looked.These were cupcakes which as you must have guessed were made as christmas gifts for our family and friends. Chocoalate cupcake with butter frosting and homemade marzipan toppings. Had so much fun making it as it was a combined effort between my husband and me.He did the frosting while I assembled the topping. We wrapped it in cellophane paper and it sure did look like a very personal gift which was truly appreciated. This picture is to inspire all the other wanna be bakers who are scared to venture in this direction. Baking and decorating is fun and addictive. Just dive in. This is where my journey began.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday cake for a dear cousin

I made this handbag birthday cake for a very dear cousin. it has a monogram with the initial of her name. I think she is such a beauty inside and out. This is a chocolate cake with home made marshamallow fondant.It has a tinge of butter frosting on the side. I think she loved it :)

Happy birthday!

1 beautiful year passed by so quickly and my DD actually was a lil person in herself. She expressed everything by her actions and there were just very hew words she could say,but her eyes said it all. She wasn't walking yet but could get from one place to another crawling as fast as she could. She was very lucky to have her aunt and grandaunt come all the way from Denver to celebrate this important day in her life with her. Her grand mother stitched the most beautiful rose dress for her. You wouldn't believe it was handmade if you saw it. So intricate and delicate.Embellished by lovely lil roses and lovely pink satin ribbons and laces. Now with a dress as beautiful as that and a big occasion in my life too, I had to make a special cake. So my DD had two cakes both chocolate of course wit butter cream frosting. One which we took to the prayer group we go to and the basket of cupcake roses were for the home. Plus her aunt made her a special cake in the shape of a T too. Lucky girl ! You are lucky for us and we hope His blessings are on you for the rest of your life. Its an easy thing to write but words surely can't express the joy you have brought into our lives. Love you loads.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The cake that started it all

The cake that started it all. Baptism cake made for my God daughters birthday. I surely can't claim I made this all by myself.I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes. Two of the most stunning cakes I have seen as a kid. One was a cake my mother had made for my sisters birthday . It was a castle cake and one was a cake my aunt made for my birthday. A hat cake. I am sure those cakes have left such a lasting impression on me. My brother in law and sister knew about my passion and very sweetly arranged for a personal class I could take from my brother in laws friends mother. She is a professional cake decorator and decorated wedding cakes too. So my first cake decorating class was so personal and enjoyable. She taught me the basics of fondant rolling. She has this amazing box with all kinds of decorating tools which hope some day I can possess. She was so patient and was as sweet as all the sweet goodness she makes. So I guess the first cake looks so perfect because there was a masters touch behind it.
This was a chocolate cake with apricot jam, marzipan and fondant.. I hope some day I reach her level of perfection.My God daughter has now turned out to be a gorgeous girl. God bless her.

Baptism cake

This was my first cake I made for my daughter. Her baptism was a much bigger affair compared to her birthday. As some people say baptism is your spiritual birthday. Another cake made in the middle of the night. Guess after becoming a mom thats the best time to decorate. Enjoyed doing every bit of it. Though I was exhausted at the end of this as I had to cook for 30 people along with this. Fortunately everything finally turned out well and I realized I could have invited 30 more people with the amount of left over i had. Rule of thumb not everybody eats everything. Though as a host you always feel the food wont be enough. Anyway that was the first time I have hosted that many people so lesson learnt.

Baptism cake

This is a baptism cake I made for my Godson. Truly enjoyed making it. Its so much more fun when you can work together with your mom and sister. This cake was primarily made in the middle of the night cause thats the time I can decorate in peace without my LO wanting to be carried and entertained :).I feel the fondant you get in UK is much better than what you get in US. And my sister is really lucky to have a very cute cake shop called the little cake shop walking distance from  her house where you can get all the supplies . I feel the more I decorate the more mistakes I find in my cakes. But when I actually made it I was very proud of it. :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

My first baby shower cupcakes

These are my first baby shower cup cakes. It was so much fun making it as my mom was in town and she helped me so much with it. Most of the lil animal toppers were made by her. It was a lovely learning experience since she is such a master when it comes to anything creative. These were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting and marzipan toppers and sprinkles.
Can't believe the lil boy for whom we made these is about to turn one at the end of this month.

Baby shower cupcakes

Since I have found a new passion for making cupcakes. Actually its not new its something I always loved to do. Guess becoming a mother I get more opportunities to make it .So I thought I might as well showcase some of my creations in my blog. After all the blog is mine and I can show whatever I want :)
These yellow and green vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting and home made marshmallow fondant were made for my very dear friends baby shower. She is expecting in May and we are super excited for her.My sister shared the vanilla cupcake recipe from the hummingbird bakery book and I must say its going to be my go to recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Hope you fall in love with these lil baies who according to my friends look like Popeye babies :)