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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bridal shower cupcakes




Who doesn't love attending weddings. Maybe the only time I didn't like attending them would be when people would come up to me and ask me when I am getting married. Weddings in America are so different from the ones in India. Indians are amused by the American weddings as much as Americans are amused by Indian wedding. I remember one of my colleagues in the US was shocked when I said I had around 600 people for my wedding. She was like ,So did you know all those 600 ppl . Ofcourse not.
We were very excited when we got the save the date card for my dear friends wedding. I wish I could share the picture. it is truly amazing a picture of the bride and groom under water in perfect harmony. And it was not photoshopped. I am sorry I can't explain how beautiful that picture is. Supposedly it took 3 hours to get that perfect shot and over 700 pictures.
Anyway I had a lovely day yday. Actually this was my first official bridal shower I was invited for. Enjoyed the yummy food it was truly very good and all the games were fun. I could feel the love and warmth of the family. Wishing the gorgeous couple a lovely journey ahead.
I hope you liked the cupcake.Its a hummingbird recipe vanilla cupcake.wilton buttercream frosting and home made marshmallow fondant


  1. Awesome Tabi!! They look so wonderful..Just want to grab one :)
    Really admire your work..keep posting!