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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Learning Technology

Girls Learning Code: Bring creations to life with electronics from Tunnel Media on Vimeo.

I am a new media designer by qualification. I love technology. I get a high when I am able to do a bit of coding.I remember while studying at NID I was one of the few people in my class who wasn't an engineer. I was very over whelmed. At one point I even wondered why they selected me . Though I am so happy they did.

While growing up if you were not an engineer or a doctor you were almost equal to nobody. Fortunately my parents didn't have that mentality. I feel if I was taught technology the way they teach in this video I would have surely been an engineer. I can hope my LO gets an opportunity to learn like this. Not that I want her to be an engineer :p I hope they continue designing and developing curriculums like this for children.

 Must say I have been working very hard on this blog. I know you might not be able to notice the subtle differences in my blog. But I have been busy hacking codes the last few days. Widgets for something as small as my signature, related post or a Pinterest button have taken me hours. I am not that smart when it comes to programming. But a big shout out to some really awesome people on the net who have made these codes available for free.

Some of the bloggers include
This lady is simply fabulous. The way she gives instructions. I feel anybody who is able to read can follow her instructions.
Her designs are beautiful and have learnt so much from her.


  1. I can so relate to you...and can also see that you've been working hard on your blog.
    I've been wanting to learn these from a long time...alas!
    you've inspired me now :)

    1. Yes keep writing:) am sure you are very busy with kadam baby. I am in awe of how you set it up :)