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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter special

I hope you all had a great easter. We had a lovely easter with family and friends. Truly miss India though. I have spent most of my easters after leaving home with my uncle and his family. my aunt would have this huge spread for breakfast with sausage, bacon and eggs. Miss you all.

 So here are few things I made for easter. I decorated the easter eggs with a permanent marker and was inspired by Indian patterns. I made some chick sugar cookies  and decorated it with royal icing.The recipe for the sugar cookies is from country crock holiday cookies .
The bunny and flower bread recipe is from foodiva's kitchen. I like the name she gave to the bread its called Happy bread. This is supposedly a Bulgarian recipe and she took all the trouble to translate it. I loved the bread but I think next time I will add some garlic and may be parsley or oregano to jazz it up a bit.


  1. Hey Tabi..is such a wonderful blog...so creative and visually appealing :)loved going through your posts.
    Keep posting..i'm following you now ;)

    1. Beautiful you are full of great talents. Keep letting them manifest. Miss you at work.

    2. Thanks so much Shuchi means a lot and Yay! to one more follower encourages me to post more.

    3. Thanks so much Tresi you are a sweet heart :)I miss you all too.