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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Personalised Name Boards

This was for one of our relative Neer. He was turning 1 an adorable lil baby. His name means water in Sanskrit
Stacya is our family friend. She is a beautiful professional ballet dancer.

My first student Devin. He loved John Deere. Must admit I had never heard of John Deere till I met him and once I met him I heard no end of it. I also wrote a poem of him and his John Deere tractor need to illustrate it.

Kory  loved Monster trucks and of course skulls.

Yoni loved planes

Antoinne loved to go bowling.

Cole loved his guitar. 

Siddarth is another sweet heart. Born and brought up in the US. Just wanted to include a touch of India to his room.

This was for my gorgeous niece Tayesha's  1st birthday. It was a ballerina themed b'day party. She looked like the perfect ballerina.

First of all am so excited about my two new followers Yipee Thank you ! I had quiet a few people coming to my blog today as I posted my blog on my facebook timeline. I was so excited with all the lovely comments. I am sure my husband would have seen me with an extra bounce in my step. I was just blushing :) Who doesn't like to be appreciated.Thank you once again. Hope I am able to stick to my commitment and come up with exciting posts.
Today's post covers some of the personalised name boards I made for my family,friends and some were middle school graduation gifts for my students.I would be so excited to see their reaction when they saw it.I feel there is something so nice to get a personalised gift. Something no amount of money can buy. There is a bit of you and a lil of that person in it.
I cannot post my favourite personalised name plate. It was for my favourite student ever. Unfortunately it has a picture of him and I don't want to get caught in legal issues:p. He looked a lot like Harry Potter and loved Harry potter too so I had superimposed his picture and written math magician.As he loved math. Miss all of my adorable students who taught me so much. Thank you.

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