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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Christmas cupcakes

I was wondering if I should put this pic up or not. Cupcakes I  was so proud of once upon a time and I now find it so kiddish. Am sure loads of kids can do a better job. But then this pic is to inspire many novices that this is how my first cupcake decoration looked.These were cupcakes which as you must have guessed were made as christmas gifts for our family and friends. Chocoalate cupcake with butter frosting and homemade marzipan toppings. Had so much fun making it as it was a combined effort between my husband and me.He did the frosting while I assembled the topping. We wrapped it in cellophane paper and it sure did look like a very personal gift which was truly appreciated. This picture is to inspire all the other wanna be bakers who are scared to venture in this direction. Baking and decorating is fun and addictive. Just dive in. This is where my journey began.

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