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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy birthday!

1 beautiful year passed by so quickly and my DD actually was a lil person in herself. She expressed everything by her actions and there were just very hew words she could say,but her eyes said it all. She wasn't walking yet but could get from one place to another crawling as fast as she could. She was very lucky to have her aunt and grandaunt come all the way from Denver to celebrate this important day in her life with her. Her grand mother stitched the most beautiful rose dress for her. You wouldn't believe it was handmade if you saw it. So intricate and delicate.Embellished by lovely lil roses and lovely pink satin ribbons and laces. Now with a dress as beautiful as that and a big occasion in my life too, I had to make a special cake. So my DD had two cakes both chocolate of course wit butter cream frosting. One which we took to the prayer group we go to and the basket of cupcake roses were for the home. Plus her aunt made her a special cake in the shape of a T too. Lucky girl ! You are lucky for us and we hope His blessings are on you for the rest of your life. Its an easy thing to write but words surely can't express the joy you have brought into our lives. Love you loads.

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