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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I enjoy working with clay I feel its really therapeutic.I always dreamt of having a potters wheel a mini oven like the one they have in school and a workspace to myself . I am sure its going to be quiet a messy workspace. But then there is some order in the chaos.
I was so keen to learn pottery that I went to a potter in pottery town close to my house and asked him if he would teach me. He was so surprised coz I was using some kind of sign language to explain to him as i couldn't speak Kannada.He was an amazing teacher and of course an amazing potter.I think I made more than 100 vases, pen stands bowls etc. At one point my whole room was full of it. 
 These are just some of the pics of the stuff that i have made. I realized I must take more pics of the things I make . I have gifted lots of my pieces to some of my friends.These were made in the art room in school when I was pregnant. I have been told that children get influenced by the things the mother did while they were pregnant. If there is any truth in it i hope my LO enjoys the messiness and beauty of clay. I am imagining the problems of it already . I will have to wash those clothes she messes :)

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