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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is here

Spring themed blue bulletin board

Spring is here and soon all the flowers will be in bloom. The tree outside my house which looked as though it was dead throughout winter has beautiful pink flowers. The birds are chirping and the bunnies are out too. Though we are still in our winter attire. Waiting to take my LO out to the park soon. These are some of the bulletin boards I made in school. Our school has 4 communities and I was a part of the blue community. The top pic was a board to welcome the students of the blue community. Used a lot of different textures in the board. The blue and white grass was some scrap fabric in the art room. We used pipe cleaners, wool, paper and pompom balls. The pic below was a bulletin board in our classroom. It was so much fun doing these bulletin board . I got a lot of help executing it. I do miss it. And I do miss the students and staff. Learnt so much out there.

Spring themed bulletin board for school with colourful flowers and says watch us bloom

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